recycling, solid-liquid-separation and segregation, food-unpacking  
liquid seperation with stainless worm extruder

solid liquid seperation with dewatering worm extruder


solid-liquid-separation > planning, construction, execution, dewatering worm extruder





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Your recycling specialist in solid-liquid-separation and food-separation using conical
worm extruder

We offer customer-oriented problem solutions to recycle out of date foods and icecream with cone shaped worm extruder.
We plan, manufacture and supply complete plants in stainless steel


Our innovative building block principle guarantee

solid-liquid-seperation plant with conical worm extruder for dewatering and ice-cream recycling

  • above average high creation of value
  • high plant availability
  • during simplest operation
Use the advantages of our
  • experience of many years
  • individual equipment technology
  • innovative flexibility
We offer
  • technical consultation
  • sample position of demonstrating plants
  • demonstrations in our technical school offer